Sunday, 9 May 2010


Now I know it is something that old people do, but I really want to play bingo! I've never done it before, I keep telling people that I want to go but they just laugh at me. So it's going on the list!

  • Play Bingo!
And by play bingo, I don't just mean sit at home and play bingo with my family, cos I've done that before and won pennies. I wanna play in a proper bingo place, with a bingo stamp!


  1. I used to think the same Holly but one day I was dragged to a bingo night and was instantly hooked.

  2. Same here Mel - used to go with all my friends, both male and female (i'm a guy). Was such good fun, and made a nice change to all the usual things we used to do together. And it's a relatively cheap night out as well.

  3. thanks for the SPAM comments guys! you great big losers.