Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I need to take a moment here just to stress how amazing this is! ROBOT LAND. A land of robots! Okay so it hasn't been built yet, but I'm not going to let that stop me. This baby is going on the list!
  • Visit Robot Land!
Whilst we are on the topic of my beloved robots i need to add
  • Eat at Hajime robot restaurant in Thailand
That one should be pretty achievable within the year, as I have a ticket booked for Thailand for September the 2nd!
Now I know that some people don't like robots, and I understand that. If they can develop robots that have cognitive skills, then yes, they could potentially turn on the human race. But lets face it, that's just like being scared of zombies. It is possible, but highly unlikely!

Ooh and whilst on the subject of robots, if you have yet to watch I'm Here then you should, cos it is awesomely lovely.


  1. Thought this might be to your liking then. Its a bit,well a lot of, creepy but it is robo style.

  2. ah now you see, thats a lil too girly for my liking! robots are supposed to be cool! not pink. not that im saying that pink isnt cool...err. just not on robots! haha. robots are awesome.